My husband wants me to look into Social Security for Bradley. I am almost positive we are over-income so I have been putting it off. I'm thinking, and I may be wrong, maybe he will qualify income wise when he is 18. I do know they reject applicants for the first few tries so maybe I should start applying since he 12 now.

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Lisa Jones said:
So all that money we have been putting in his savings and in a CD for college are going to be a problem. These are in our names as well as Bradley's name. We have been saving thinking he will not be elligible for a Pell Grant or State grant for school. I think my husband is going to make some changes on this. We may wait awhile before applying so this will not be an issue. Another thought I had was that we could use the money saved to purchase a power wheelchair because I doubt insurance will cover the entire cost.
We just checked for Massachusetts. DMD kids are eligable, but only if you make less than 36K/year. For MA, even if they reject you, you can collect for the 6 months they are working on your application and you do not need to refund the money. I'm not sure what happens when they turn 18. Quite possibly they are considered an adult and fully qualify due to lack of income. Not sure. Good luck!
What does it take to get DMD added to the Compassionate Allowance initialtive?
This is a list of 50 conditions that will get a child fast tracked for benefits. Other muscular dystrophies are already on the list.
he will at least qualify for the gateway or your states disability insurance. My son does not get money but he does receive insurance and that is a lot. It covers all his copays and even some of the over the counter meds that my doc puts in a script. It covers a lot more then that. I receive aide service as well. It really has been awesome. my son is autistic with dmd . it is a very difficult life. Aides have helped a lot. We never leave them alone but they are great assistance.

This information is very helpful. My son is 12 and was just diagnosed. His father is MIA and does not pay child support, I work part-time and we are on California medical insurance. It is my hope to qualify so we can use the funding to provide for additional needs like tutoring and after-school programs which we cannot afford otherwise. I am waiting to get all the required documentation from his doctors before we start the process. 

I live in PA and I got a copy of a tool used by our county assistance office.  I can only say that we are a famiy of four and if my husband did not work at all and we based on my income alone we would qualify for approx $120 a month.  My income is not over $50,000 a year.  we would also have to spend down our assets to $5000 and take out some money out of his education saving account  not sure how our 2 beater cars and the nice newer accesible van would be added into the equation.

One he is 18 I would assume if his assets are under $2,000 and his is unable to work or unable to work full time he would qualify for SSI.

It stinks- I have not figured out how we are to pay our bills and provide all the care my sone requires.

good luck

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