About me:
I've just lost my son Julian (almost 21) who had a strong heart and lungs but had recent complications with a terrible body flu. My son has opened the doors to a lifetime commitment of research and learning in nutrition and natural therapies to find a cure for his dis-ease. I feel compelled to share with another family the equipment, tools and knowledge I have and my ranch home here in the healing environment of the Sierras. We were on a roll and ready to purchase a few more pieces of equipment and my passion for helping another boy to cure has pulled me in the direction of putting the offer out to another parent/s via your website. Please let me know how I may post such an offer on this site. I know from the bottom of my heart I can help.
About my family:
I've been a single parent of 4 children, all grown, the last being a set of fraternal twins with one being diagnosed at the age of 6 with Duchennes muscular dystrophy. I've learned a great deal about natural therapies to treat this dis-ease and have gained many positive results through our own efforts. I truly feel my son would be proud to see me continue with my path of finding natural cures to help others like him.

Dear Parents of Duchennes,

            Here's a copy of an ad I'm posting in the Caretaker Gazette, Craig's List and local newspapers. My heart is reaching out to help another boy and his family if there's anyone out there seeking a natural cure for their son/s (There's no other). I've decided to be the 'caretaker' for our ranch that Julian and I never had and bring a boy and/or his family here to live. I would consider moving to someone else's ranch if I can bring Julian's therapeutic pets, ie., cats, dog and horses. Here's my ad if anyone is interested:

Single Naturopath Wants to Share Ranch 


     Hello, my name is Susan and I own a beautiful, historic piece of land in Fairplay, CA (Sierras) with stone outcroppings, access to wilderness trails, local wineries and wonderful sandy soil to grow just about anything organic. I’m a student of physical and etheric healing therapies and herbology with an interest in horses and natural  health. Help with training my Spanish Mustangs, i.e., could do a carriage tour business through the local wineries or start a riding clinic, healing retreat, ideas?

     I’m looking to connect with other people who appreciate a positive lifestyle involving live foods and natural healing. It would be wonderful to even meet a partner who brings experience and knowledge to the table.

     I do have a county permitted trailer space with full hookups and/or a bedroom or two (How about a separate duplex or master suite?) as my home is very large with an ozonated hot tub on the deck and a cold plunge right next to it. Want to help build a lap pool?; a garage apartment or separate cottage? Share property expense and/or solar, workshop income.

     There’s a National Champion black walnut tree, winter creek, organic garden, old barn, pastures and the Cosumnes rivers nearby. Also if interested in purchasing this land I can carry.

     If anyone is interested or knows of someone who may be wanting to share an existence in this magical area (or another), please contact me at the following:





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