Our son Tyler is 9 now and were lookikg for any info on types of shoes.

He is still mobile and on his toes. were trying to find a shoe we can have

altered to take the pressure off his back. There are some we found but

theres no way we can afford to spend $600.00 to $800.00 for a custom shoe.

And their other suggestion was cowboy boots. Tyler has to were running pants

due to the size of his legs, and he really doesn't want to have boots.

He needs about 1" support on his right and 1 3/4 on his left. Were having no

luck. Any suggestions and info would be wonderful.


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Our son Jonathan wore high or mid top shoes,either sneakers or a light weight hiking boot and it cut down on his falling since he was tripping over his toes. They helped keep his ankle in a neutral (90 degree) position. The hiking boots he had were from Lands End and were very light so he had no trouble lifting his feet.

If his toes are dropping a lot has anyone mentioned serial casting to stretch them out?


We've gotten mixed reviews on serial casting. It's hard to decide whats ok and whats not.

The problem were finding is that his feet are very wide. Can't find many shoes in an E width.

Did your son have the serial casting done?

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