Michael is 7 years old and is struggling with some distance walking and weary legs. We are thinking a scooter is the next step. We want to keep him out of the wheelchair as long as we can, but his limitations on movement is problematic.

We have waited about as long as we can without making his life miserable by staying inside or home. We would like to take him places and do things again but the smallest of efforts is becoming terribly difficult.

We live in California. Any suggestions on which kind to consider purchasing would be very helpful. One he can drive himself is preferable. I like having the resource of PPMD before I just start searching.

Cathie Bullis

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We just returned from Cincinnati and they are suggesting we go with a manual wheelchair that has power assisted wheels. These run alot more than a scooter. I have noticed that some of you have gone to Cincinnati also but you have gotten a scooter. Did they discuss with you a power assisted wheelchair versus a scooter? My son, Justin, is 11 y/o. I believe it is the Rehab person that comes in and visited with us that is suggesting the wheelchair. Anyone got thoughts on this?
Finally got some pictures of Sam's scooter seat. I'm also including pictures of the tags on the bottom. It has the maker of the seat and the order specifications. The first picture of Sam shows him without a foot rest. The next two have him with the footrest I "made". It's just the bottom of a cat litter container. I'm going to paint it black and then strap it onto the scooter. His butt seems to stay in the right spot with the footrest. Without it he was sliding down and had very poor posture.

Thanks Laurie for the photos of the new scooter. I am looking in to a few different types.
Thanks for posting those photo's Laurie!! I was really curious to see what the pediatric seat looked like. It is so much better than the one Daniel has (which is for an adult). I think I'm going to have to look into that. Any info you could send me would be appreciated.
Duhhh.... you have the tag photo's right there!
Okay, call me naive, but I remembered this thread and came here looking for advice only to see that you guys are all talking about a totally different kind of scooter than we have been considering for Ewan. He loves to ride his older brother's Razor scooter up and down the street. He'd do it for hours if we'd let him. Ewan recently asked if he could have an electric scooter and we priced one at walmart.com for $115. No seat, it looks pretty much like a regular Razor except that it is motorized and will hold a charge for about 40 minutes. It goes up to 10mph, so I'm a little hesitant. Does anyone have any experience with THIS kind of motorized scooter?

Hi Jerry - Its been a long time since you posted so this is likely irrelevant, but our 12 year old has an electric scooter - Razor 100, and he loves it.  He goes all over town with it and it gives him the independance he would have if he could still ride a bicycle:  for example, he took it to get a haircut the other day (we are in a small town). 


We are now looking for a mobility scooter for those other times (like class trips) when he has to walk long distances, sometimes indoors and sometimes outdoors, and also on dirt roads near the cottage. 

Looking for any mobility scooter advice that anyone has.



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