School Zoning Change -Special Permission to stay in the old school

My son is in 2nd grade we like the school he is in now. However, due to re-zoning we would have to start attending new school next year. I am considering submitting special permission request to stay back in the same school. Any suggestions on what to write? Appreciate it very much. My son is very worried about having to go to new school.

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In our county, if the schools arent overcrowded, you just have to fill out a waiver form and pay $750 a year to transfer them to the school of your choice. If your child usually rides the bus, they wont qualify anymore due to the zoning of the bus routes. Thats the way it works here.

We are going through this right now as well. He is not in his "home school" because they did not have a resource room there when he started first grade and now they want to change K-2 back to their home schools. They say they are doing this because they want to eliminate bus transfers and to put kids back in the schools with their neighborhood peers. None of this affects my son. 1) he does not ride a transfer bus (he rides the handicap bus) and 2) We live in the country and he does not have neighborhood friends in the home school. 3) they are putting a resource room in every school now. My son is also in 2nd grade and has been at the same school since he started first grade. He is doing well there, it's taken him a long time to get comfortable there, and I don't want to upset the apple cart. Transitions are hard for my son. They told me to do an in school transfer and I did but at his IEP they told me that they could not gaurantee that he would still stay at the same school. I did NOT sign the IEP and got an advocate. We have another IEP meeting in 2 weeks and the advocate is coming to it wih me. She agrees he should not change schools. I am going to fight to keep him in the same school. We'll see how it goes...
Karen, my sons situation is exactly same. He does not use school bus as I drop him and pick him up and we are fine with that. I will submit the special permission and see how that goes.

BTW, it was wonderful to meet you and your family in Cincinnati.
My son does not attend his assigned school. I filled out a special permission form last year and marked medical. I reapplied for next year to and he is going there again next year. I have to drive him back and forth.
The problem is now, that in our school district, there are so many kids (K-2) that are being moved back to their home schools and parents upset about it that many of them are applying for these in school transfers. I guess they have a list and they will only allow so many. It comes down to numbers in the classrooms. That is my understanding anyway.

Bains - it was nice to meet you too!
I really don't know your particular situation but re-districting (as they call it here) is a very common thing around here. We moved in 1996 and at the time they were opening two new elementary schools. So that school year there were 3 elem, one middle, and one high school. This year there are twelve elem, four middle and three high schools. As you could probably tell we live in one of the fastest growing districts in the country. Two of my four children have been affected by redistricting, one moved schools once and the other (my son with dmd) moved once and then moved back to the previous school two years later. Would I have like it if they did not have to change schools? Sure I would, but to be honest it really made no difference what so ever. I did however notice that the kids who seemed the most anxious about the move had parents who were overly concerned about it as well. I feel that in some of these cases the child would have been just fine had the parent not been so upset with it. I think the child becomes worried that it may be a bad thing when they see and hear that their parents are upset. Here the quality of the school, the quality of teachers, and what was offered at each of the schools was consistant. As I said in the beginning I don't know your particular situation but I just wanted to put it out there that it is not always a negative experience, sometimes it is just a matter of how you look at it.
This would be the 4th time they will have moved Daniel since he started school - and he's only in 2nd grade. All this moving him around has not helped him in any way. This is not a good thing at all for my son or any child to be moved this many times in such a short time. He already is terribly shy and has a really hard time trying to make friends. They are not going to do it to him again. Also, keep in mind that some of our boys have more of the cognitive issues and transitions can be very hard for them. My girls have been in the same district and have never been moved once.

That is why I said twice in my post that I don't know the particular situation. Regarding your situation I would have to agree with you completely. That many moves on any child is way too many. I am also well aware and have read the research on cognitive issues and dmd, again that is why I said I don't know the particular situation. I just wanted to put it out there that a move is not always a negative experience.
Sorry, didn't mean to come out swinging. I see what your saying and agree. There are many situations when I have to hide my anxiety about something and put a postiive spin on something I knew my kids wouldn't like. They will pick up on it from you in a heartbeat. As you can tell, this is a really touchy subject for me right now.

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