So last year, Kris and I met with Sam's class to talk about Duchenne with them.  He was being made fun of at the time.  It seemed to help.  This year (2nd grade) Sam hasn't wanted us to talk with the class.  He's very easily embarrassed.  Well, today he came home and told me everyone says he "sucks" at soccer.  I asked if he wanted me to talk with the class and he said yes--while in tears.  Here's the thing.  It's not just kids in his class that are teasing and being mean to him.  There are six 2nd grade classes.  They're all out at recess together.  I've emailed the school counselor and am waiting on her response.  I think this needs to be address with all the classes.  Problem is, I don't do public speaking, and, frankly, little kids scare me more than adults.  What would y'all do?  We did the fireman/boots thing last year.  Works great for one class, but I'm sure would be way more time consuming with six.


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Could you round up some parents or the other 2nd grade teachers to help? You could talk to them ahead of time so they know what to say and what not to say. Maybe you could have an assembly with a short spiel by you and then break up into the classes and do the boot thing. I know what you mean about kids but with this disease we all have to step out of our comfort zone for our boys. When my son was in 6th grade his math teacher had someone from the MDA out to talk to the class, is that a possibility?

Probably not much help,

Maybe you could get the firefighters that go with the boots to help :)
When it was time for us to do a presentation we got lucky, there was a wonderful OT, from MDA, who came and spoke to all relevant classes. While he was there he also surveyed the campus to make sure it would work well for Alex & scooter. After that all the kids were much nicer to Alex. Not sure how to replicate that for Jr High !
I am a teacher at my son's school. I had each class that interracted with Cade in any way come to my classroom for a presentation about DMD. I showed the brainpop video about DMD, talked about all Cade's medications, going to Dr. Wong, and about why Cade has a scooter at school. I also had several children put 5 lb weights on each leg and attempt to run across the room. Those children then described how it felt to their classmates. I also had them generate ideas about how they could include and/or help Cade. I also reminded them all about scooter rules at this time. It actually only took about 30 minutes per class. It was soooo worth the time and effort.

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