School assessment for DMD boy headed to middle school soon

My son is 12 with DMD. He is in power chair full time now, but generally handles the activity at school well. However, I'm currently evaluating options for his schooling in the near future because I know that the physical decline of the next few years will become more and more of a problem at school.


As I prepare to visit several schools to assess them, I was hoping that parents that have been through this might be able to help me prepare good questions to ask. Many of these schools are not in his current school district so the normal IEP process won't really apply.


Here is what I've prepare already:


1. How many aides at the school are trained to handle a DMD boy that needs to go the bathroom?

2. What areas of the school are not accessible by power wheelchair?

3. Are there any other kids his age also in power wheelchairs?

4. Describe the APE program at your school

5. Describe how the school strives to create an inclusive environment for kids like him


Thanks for anybody who has time to comment.



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David the school can have you train the person who will take him to bathroom. also all schools have to make everything for his accessible needs to be met there are groups that can help you Im not sure where you live but call the MDA group and see who they use. Never go to the meeting without someone who knowa the in and out of the laws also call and ask for your bill of rights. Good luck to you and dont stop until you get what your son needs Penny
If your son is registered with CCS (California Children's Services) they are usually more than happy to send a PT or OT to the school to check things out and help. They can help the school address whatever issues are necessary.


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