We just had Aidan's parent conference for kindergarten. His teacher says he's doing really well in everything, but really struggles with writing and drawing. I've seen his struggle with it - he has no interest whatsoever in learning how to write, and I've never pushed it because I thought it would come more naturally later, and that practicing too much would be too tiring for his hands.

Can anyone else with boys in maybe 1st through 5th grades give me some advice on what I should do with this issue? Should I push him to practice writing? Or is it something that is just taken away from him, and I should focus on having him learn something like an alphasmart? (I think that's what they're called).

Thanks very much,

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I would recommend Handwriting without Tears. I used it it my classroom when I taught and I also used it with my sons. They have a website and the workbooks are pretty reasonable. It's also really good for them to practice their letters on a chalkboard that's on the wall or propped up in some way. I wouldn't give up yet! He's only in kindergarten many kids struggle with handwriitng at this age,

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