We're at my mom's. He fell while playing in the kitchen. Abigail told us he slipped on a little plastic dinosaur. It's the inside of his left ankle (on the bone) that hurts. It may be a little red, or that could be a rub mark from his night splints. It may be just a tad bit swollen. Or that could be normal differentiation between his two legs. The biggest thing is he refuses to walk on it. But I've pressed all around, wiggled it every which way. He can move it. He just won't put his own pressure on it. I put his night splints on him, since it was already past bedtime. I convinced him that he should try to walk b/c they just might help. He took a few steps, but with a big limp. Again..what that real or just for effect. It's so hard to know. So instead of waiting for hours on end at the ER, catching every bug out there, I'm going to wait until morning before I decide to take him in. If he walks just fine in the morning, then I'll consider all is well. If he still refuses to walk, then I guess it's off to the hospital. I figure since it's completely imobilized in his brace at night, then no harm can really come of waiting. I just pray he's better in the morning.

He's up and walking on it this morning. He's limping a little, but I don't think it's broken. I'm still keeping an eye on it, but I think he'll be okay.

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I hope Sam is OK Laurie. We have had similiar incidance where Daniel has fallen and favored his leg or ankle but there were no obvious signs of fracture. He went a few days once crawling and then another time he limped for a week or so but there seemed liked nothing was fractured. Had it X-rayed in Cinc. and was told it was a stress fracture on the last incidant. It is so hard to know when to take them in and how serious it is. My concern with putting the braces on him tonight would be what if it is a sprain and it started to swell during the night?
Oh, no! I hope it's not broken! I hate that "do I take them or not" debate whenever your kiddo gets hurt or is sick.
I hope he feels better today!!!
Xavier had an ankle injury last year when we were loading everyone into the car and he snuck up behind daddy in the dark and daddy took a step backwards not realizing he was there and stepped on his ankle (he still feels guilty for that). The thing to realize is that if he is on steroids, the injury may not swell like normal because the steroids stop swelling. We just did the ice every 2 hours, elevated it and did motrin as needed for pain, we did put his AFO on for stability. We waited 2 days to take him to the MD and she said it was ok, but to keep the AFO on it if he felt like he wanted it for stability. She still had us do stretches on that ankle, we just kept him off it other than school (he was only in K at the time, so no recess to deal with). Good Luck and I hope it's better today.
He's up and walking on it this morning. He's limping a little, but I don't think it's broken. I'm still keeping an eye on it, but I think he'll be okay.

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