My grandson woke up this morning with a rock hard calf muscle.  He can't put his foot flat on the ground because it pains him.  I read somewhere on this site that some people were using some kind of rub, (such as Bengay), but I can't remember exactly which one it was.  He has his school talent show tonight and has been looking forward to it for months.  We sure would hate for him to miss it.    His Mom has been massaging it, and has given him children's Motrin.  He had a warm bath before going to bed last night.   Any further suggestions?

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Hi Terry-- I did a quick search and turned up a few older discussions on this topic. Hopefully some of these help!

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Thank you for your help Stephanie !


When Joshua's calves are rock hard, we let him have a bath with epsom salts and a spa mat or let him sit with a heating pad until his muscles are relaxed enough to massage again.   Neither have taken very long for the cramping in his feet to disappear... approx. 30 minutes.

Thank you for the suggestion of epsom salts.  It's an old fashion remedy that really helps to relax the muscles since it is composed of magnesium and sulfate.  I forgot about the uses of epsom salts.  Thanks for the reminder.   

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