This is a video about MIT researcher Hugh Herr. He is the director of the Biomechatronics group at The MIT Media Lab. Mr Herr is also founder of iWalk a company that makes a robotic prosthetic ankle. His ankle allows a below-the-knee amputee to use less energy to walk. He is also working on a legs exoskeleton for running. . His team at MIT wants to make the legs allow someone to walk/run using less energy. Obviously for boys with Duchenne this would be amazing. The effect would be two-fold. First the boys would use less energy to walk longer distances or be less fatigued. Second it could be therapeutic. It would make them more stable a fall less since there leg muscle strength would be augmented. They would remain flexible as they get older. Since the legs wouldnt walk for them they would still be using their muscles and avoid the use it or lose it pathology of DMD. Hugh Herr is a double amputee he knows deeply that this technology means freedom and that increasing ones ability to move even a small amount has a profound effect on their life. 


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