Does anyone else feel that their son is jumpy at night. No matter what I try and cannot get Neel (2) to settle down at night. I don't know if maybe he's got muscle aches or what it is. But he constantly rolls all over, sits up and literally throws himself against the pillows. Just wanted to see if other boys experience this as well and if so what you may have done to make your son more comfortable.

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My son Alec, (4), has been a terrible sleeper. He used to kick and cry and sit up and be all over his bed. One night I woke up to him trying to climb the wall!!! I took him to ENT, they said he had normal tonsils and adnoids. However they were nice enough to set up a sleep study to get to the bottom of this problem, which by the way made him very cranky during the day because he was sleep deprived. They tested his iron levels. The normal level is 50, Alec's was at a 7. He was diagnosed with restless leg syndrome and the dr perscribed fer-in-sol drops, 3 times a day. His levels went from a 7 to 23 in 3 months. He is sleeping much better, not perfect, but I will take what I can get!! I am so glad it was an easy fix.

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