We are thinking of options for renovating our home for our DMD son.  We are choosing between adding a newly constructed downstairs room and bathroom, vs adding an elevator and using an existing room upstairs and building accessable bathrooms both up and downstairs.  Does anyone know if we will need to reinforce the flooring upstairs (or to existing floors downstairs) to accomidate the weight of a power chair. If so how involved and costly is the process this?   Our son is still ambulatory , but we are trying to plan ahead to avoid continuous remodeling. 


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Our son started using a power chair last year and we have had no problems. Our house is single story but is on a raised foundation. Seems to be okay so far.
Most likely your upstairs flooring joists can take the weight of a power chair. But it depends on how old your house is. If you have a home built before building codes (I moved out of one 3 yrs ago- it was a 70 yr old home) you might want to consider asking a structural engineer for advice. Also, you can usually go to your City Hall or ? to get copies of your house plans which should detail your joist system. A (licensed) General Contractor can determine what you are in for from these. Not sure how costly or involved it is to reinforce flooring but again a GC can give you a ball park idea with a set of house plans and a walk-thru at site.

Hope this helps!

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