Can anyone share with me how they handle recess?  My son is 9 and is in 4th grade and is doing fairly well but certainly can't climb the playground structure or play "capture the flag".  Last year, he had a great teacher that went out with the class every day at recess and he set the parameters--if they were going to play soccer, Lucas would be the goalie.  If they were going to play football, he would assign  Lucas to a position where he didn't run--all very subtly!  And there were some games that just weren't an option and he was the type of teacher where the kids just followed his lead.  New teacher this year and she is certainly willing to do whatever we need her to do to help--but she isn't going to be out there with him everyday and is looking for some guidance from me as to how to handle recess.  He is a sports nut(!) and loves recess so I need to find some creative ideas for them that will allow him to be able to continue going out for recess.  Can anyone share what they do??  I would greatly appreciate any ideas.  Thanks very much!


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I have the SAME problem!!!  I love the Goalie idea..I am going to suggest that to his teacher!!  I would love other ideas as well.  Seph is upset daily that he can't play!

Our gym teacher (once he finally got it through his head that Simon was not just lazy) would allow Simon and another boy to play badminton using a balloon instead of a birdie, which they both enjoyed immensely; Maybe a bean-bag game; Angel ball (if I remember correctly) is similar to basketball, but there is no running, just passing the ball to at least 3 people before one can shoot at the basket, which can be a "target" at a lower height than a real basketball net. Maybe they could set up a "bowling" game using a volley ball, or a tug-of-war using teams, or one of those really light weight and flat frisbees made of fabric (not the hard plastic kind, hard on teeth and windows). I also like the idea of a few benches in the play yard for resting and talking. Would they be allowed to play card games such as Uno or Snap, for days when the energy level is lower?

Will keep thinking...


My son Nick has the same issue. He is walking ESPN and LOVES sports. Nick is in 3rd Grade and this year he has a teacher aid with him. They have started to spend recess on the sidelines of the football game acting as the "coach" to his buddies. NIck has started to creat a playbook for his buddies to study and run. It helps keep Nick in the game without running around. His friends are so active they are constantly bump in to him knocking him down. He has been falling more and contact sports at recess make it very difficult.


Last year in 2nd grade during the winter Tyler was allowed to pick a buddy and play in the gym or go to the library. We're having issues this year with Tyler's teacher. She keeps thinking he's making up having pain in his back, legs and hands after he's been writing for awhile. Gets on him about having to use the bathroom frequently. In PE the teacher was making him sit out for the whole class if he complained something hurt rather then give him rest time. Tyler is disliking school. He has the potential of being a great student if given respect and patience with his need to rest. I had his pt contact the school pt and PE seems to be better but his teacher doesn't seem to be willing to listen to him. No one plays with him at recess because he cant run and keep up. Most days he comes home crying and feeling sore and miserable.
I'm going to start by making an appointment with the principle, but If anyone has any ideas or things they have had to do with schools to help me make this better for him, please let me know. - April

an IEP or even 504 accomodations would help a lot...the principal and all teachers will have to follow it....

Sounds like your son's teacher last year was great! Yes, the teachers and principal have to follow the I.E.P., but I've found "strong arm" tactics never work as well as open communication does. I would sit down with the teacher Lucas currently has and tell her your legitimate concerns again! Adaptive games are always great though harder for recess, the coach on the sidelines thing works well for us too. We're a home schooling family and love the freedoms that offers us, but do run into the same hurdles Lucas is facing with recess-type activities at the different clubs (cub scouts, etc.) our 7 year old takes part in each week. I pray Lucas will find a buddy that can work with him during recess, and that his teacher will be open to talking about it more with you. Blessings to you and your family, Linda.

Andrea D.

We had some issues also at the start of the year with PE and recess, but luckily we do have an awesome teacher and PT who discusses all this with the teachers. I even teach in the building my son goes to and the PE teacher still had issues. She would punish him if he did not run and made comments that it would make his muscles stronger! REALLY!! She was very defensive when I approached her and he already has an IEP which she obviously didn't read, because it states on there that activity level needs to be monitored. He is in kindergarten. This is how I approached the issue...first I got books from PPMD - A Teacher's Guide to Duchenne and PE Teacher's Guide to Duchenne a copy for every adult that works with him. I emailed the principal and said I would like to have a meeting with every adult that works with Andrew and give them the information they need. I approached it in a very diplomatic way just to educate because unfortunately people are ignorant about Duchenne, they don't understand it if they don't live it daily and truly it's understandable. I went through the book which is AMAZING by the way! It was a great guide to run the meeting. The principal and I met ahead of time to sort of set the agenda for the meeting. He also observed Andrew in all settings so to add input. It was great because he saw behaviors and things that the book described to a T. After that no issues at all! Everyone is wonderful and approach me honestly and we collaborate to help each other and especially to help Andrew have success at school. It was very hard for me because these people are my coworkers, but I am Andrew's Mommy first and foremost. He was so miserable those first 2 weeks of kindergarten. Saying things like why can't I run laps Mommy. I'm stupid Mommy. Why can't I play the game? He was so crushed because he could not wait to go to school the first day. Now he loves school so much, everyone understands it makes a huge difference. Good Luck!!

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