A Medline search at the National Library of Medicine in Washington, D.C., will yield over 18,300 studies that in some way relate to muscular dystrophy. Yet I have seen no evidence whatsoever that current muscular dystrophy research includes megavitamin and mineral therapy. Every time I see "Jerry's kids" ona poster or on TV, it gets me right here. And every time I'm solicited for a donation to a medical charity, I tell the canvasser that I'll gladly contribute the moment their organization begins to sponsor clinical trials with lecithin, selenium, and vitamin E. It has already been shown that selenium, vitamin E and CoQ10 levels are decreased in people with muscular dystrophy. (Ihara Y, Mori A, Hayabara T, Namba R,Nobukuni K, Sato K, Miyata S, Edamatsu R, Liu J, Kawai M. Free radicals, lipid peroxides andantioxidants in blood of patients with myotonic dystrophy. J Neurol. 1995 Feb;242(3):119-22.)TheVitamins in Medicine was published over half a century ago. So was Dr. Williams' paper on treating MDwith nutrition. What is taking so long to apply that knowledge to those suffering today?

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Just because children with MD have low levels of certain nutrients doesn't mean taking more of those nutrients will improve their condition.


In your blog post you said your grandson was two and a half in 2003 in the beginning of the blog. In the last paragraph of you blog you say you bought him a trampoline for his seventh birthday last week. Could you explain this to me? I'm confused on how he could have aged only five years when eleven years have gone by.

Yes, nutrition plays the biggest part in any disease. The standard american diet (SAD diet) is what's ruining the health of everyone, leading to disease and exacerbating those with special needs. We need to take a serious look at the natural vitamins and enzymes available in live organic food to heal/repair/nourish live, living cells; our bodies. Proper food combining is also of utmost importance to insure optimum metabolization. I recommend reading Fit For Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. There's references to specific scientific studies that go way back before the meat and dairy industry took over our American diet program. The bibliography is 7 pages long. You can get charts showing the food combining guidelines from Wayne Pickering, a friend of the late Jack Lallane. I'd like to see clinical trials based on whole plant food vitamins and nutrition.

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