We went to see the MDA other orthopedist yesterday just to start getting aquainted with him and one thing he said, made me think. He said to really start pushing the video games and computer becuase later on that will be his form of recreation and entertaiment. I understand why, but thought it was a little early to start doing this. Wyatt is only 2 1/2 years old. HE is still very mobile. What kind of video games and computer things would I start encouraging him to do. I don't want to limit him, what do ya'll think?

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I know V-Smile makes games for younger children.
For the computer: they have some sites for coloring activities but even at 4 I have to help Adam.
He can do the V-Smile game by himself. I was amazed that Adam knew stuff about counting like he did at an early age.
Wow! At 2 1/2? I don't think I'd worry about pushing video games or the computer. Introduce them when you would normally in moderation. Kids learn to play video/computer games so quickly. My 8 and 6 year olds both have a nintendo DS. They're handy for long trips. I'm usually limiting their time on video games, not pushing them at this point.
We use the Leapster product for our boys, except Connor is not always interested and he is the one with DMD. I like the Leapster style games. I hear the V-Smile is pretty good too. My oldest, who does not have DMD, does want the Nintendo DS but I have not yet looked into them yet for educational value.
Joshua has been given a special keyboard at school to use. He is in kindergarten and they have keyboards for kids which have disabilities like ours will encounter. The keys are the same size as any other keyboard but they are just closer together. The board looks to be the same size as the letter area, but contain the whole board.
I feel that this day and age all children learn the computer earlier than we all need in school and also, if you all haven't already noticed they all know more than we do when it comes to computers. cell phones etc.. So, they will all eventually know how to run a computer, use the cell phones nowadays that do everything, don't think we really need to push this technology at them as it is technology they all will know how to operate on their own without it being pushed at them or shoved down their throats......" just imagine what DMD boys did before video game systems came about, or the internet or these cell phones", but the Dr. is correct with saying this will be DMD boys recreation later on, but not their sole recreations.....alot of DMD boys are very artistic, my son loves to draw.
Something good for your son at his age would be maybe to introduce him to the LeapFrog, Leapster ( I think it is, but don't take my word for it ), you see this product in the toy dept. in most stores. Or on the computer there are things such as learning their colors, numbers etc. learning disc for them to use. As long as they are mobile don't take that from them, by letting them just sit there all day infront of a screen either it be by computer screen or TV playing video games......get them interested in these things as yes this will be pretty much their only recreation ( and it will be good fine motor skills therapy for them ), but now that I said that it isn't their only recreational thing.....my son is 23 yrs. old and he plays board games with us and other friends.....another good thing is building models, my son played with legos and still does at times, so no it isn't going to be his only recreational thing to do later on, yes it will be a big part of his recreational thing, but not the only thing to keep him occupy. Another cool hobby to get them involved in is remote control cars, sure we have to do alot for them to be able to enjoy this hobby after they are confined to a wheelchair, but to see them having fun running the remote is a good way to make memories of their smile, their laughter, etc..

Hope you and your love ones are well heading into this new week!
To play the devils advocate.......... the one benefit to "pushing" games such as playstation or Xbox 360 is the usage of the controller..... the hand eye co-ordination that is acquired as a result is a huge benefit when the boys go into electric wheelchairs. Our son had a playstation from a very early age (because lets face it, DAD wanted one!) however when it came time for him to go into a wheelchair full time he required no driving lessons, and had great spatial perseption as a result of playing mario kart!

As usual it should be everything in moderation, but the hand/eye/spatial awareness that comes from playing games on a console is a huge benefit in the long run, and if they have been playing it for as long as they can remember then it really becomes like doing up your shoe laces...........(if you are going to buy a Wii, make sure you purchase a "standard" controller as they have the joystick)

The other benefit we have found is that this is where Mitch lives out his "dreams". Here he can be an olympic athlete, a champion skateboard, a racing car driver. His DMD poses no restrictions when he is playing on the games and he can experience the challenges associated with these activities albeit in a "simulator". They are also great post surgery, or in wet weather when the conditions are just not wheelchair friendly. We also found that he got so good at the games that this was the one avenue that the kids in the street did not have the upper hand..... they may have beat him in running races, and wrestling matches, but he could (and still does) whoop everyone of them on any game on the playstation. The positive effect this had on his morale was remarkable, as everyone deserves to be the best at something......

So there are pluses and minuses both ways, just if you do go down the console path, make sure that you set very strict time limits... we used to plug ours into the wall with a one hour timer that ran the TV and the console and when it went off, that was it for the day - the TV would go on later, but the playstation was off until tomorrow :-)
hello ,what she say kimberly the v smile game for the youngest and it learning lot when my girl she is two she like to play in computer i like one web site:www.starfall.com and all this staf he can get lot thing
I agree about the hand eye cordination but I notice that if Jacob is on his DS or the computer too long his fingers get stiff and he says that they hurt so you have to watch them carefully because he won't let me know unless I see him rubbing them.

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