We are looking to purchase a new vehicle. Our son, who is 8, has trouble getting into our mini van, but we are not in need of a fully accessible van yet.

Anyone have any advice on a car that is low to the ground so my son can get himself in without having to lift him ?

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Does anyone have any experience with the Turny Chair ? It's one of those rotating seats that lower. You sit on it and it returns to its original position.
We have one, and we're not very happy with it at all. When it works, it's great. When it fails, which it has three or four times, you're in a jam. There is no manual retraction, and when it's extended you can't close the door, and probably shouldn't drive the car with a seat hanging out and a passenger door open. It's possible in a mini-van, though I got some funny looks, and the installer was able to get out here a few hours later to fix it in the field, but now Alex refuses to use it. We're fussing with Toyota, who turns out to be the real manufacturer, and Bruno, which is just the distributer for them to give us a new one which they have so far declined to do.
Hi Keith...
Just curious at this point. Does your or GM's discount cover the full size handicap van with a lift? We have two little guys that will need some help. The full size handicap vans can get very expensive.


Kevin " Team Carroll"

Hi Keith


Wondering if your discount would be available on a  Chevrolet 1500 conversion van?  I realize they go to a conversion company after GM, trying to explore all options. Just had a ramp placed in front yard this summer, lift is going on the back door this week, and bathroom is after the holidays. If we could save a few dollars on a van that would be great!!




kevin Carroll

We are at the point where we will be getting a van in the next 2 to 3 months

Keith Van Houten said:

Corvette !!!! That's as low to the ground as they come.... ;-)

Seriously, though, what type of car are you looking for? My wife and I are engineers at GM. Can get you a discount on most Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac models.

I know this is an old post. We ended up getting the Bruno Turny Chair for a minivan and it has been great!

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