How do you handle public bathroom trips work if you're by yourself with your son and he needs assistance?  If you're at a restaurant/store, etc, do you just knock on the men's room to make sure no one is there, go in with your son and lock the door? 

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This won't always work, but, I have placed a huge floppy hat on my son and called him "Mary" to take him into the women's room. When he was older he would not let me do that--lol wonder why? Best bet if you cannot find a single restroom is to post a friend at the door to tell incoming people that a mom is in there with her son. If you are alone and he doesn't want to go into the ladies room anymore, it is perfectly legal for you to take him into the men's room and keep announcing "there is a mom in here". Wouldn't you rather embarrass strangers instead of your son?
We use a camping potty. It fits in our van and when our son needs to go to the bathroom when we are out he uses it.


My son uses a hand held urinal by himself. We haven't gotten to the point where he needs assistance with it. I do stand pretty close to the door if he runs into difficulty. I have no problem knocking and yelling my intention to enter. I keep my eyes on the floor and go for it. Locking the door on a single person restroom would work too. The things we need to work out...I shake my head.
You know, I still occasionally take my sons into the Womens RR when necessary. The only complaint I've received so far is by my boys who are a little embarassed. My boys are 11.5-DMD & 10.5-not dmd. There are some (most) Men's RR's on this planet that just aren't safe, and thats before considering toileting-assistance issues.

Even tho I've not received complaints about doing this I have read other moms who have been yelled at for taking their sons into the Ladies Room. And, I'm sorry, but I dare somebody to try this with me. I will make sure they regret it.

Hell hath no fury like that of a pissed off DMD mom. :)
Thanks for the info. It's interesting that four people responded and every answer was diffferent -- reminds me that there are many possible approaches to challenges!

I have a long time before we have to face this issue, but I became curious this weekend. I like your hell hath no fury comment, Cheryl! ;)

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