My son's doctor suggested we have less proteins in his diet,pointing out that a lot of proteins may be affect his muscles adversely.He at the same time told us we do not need to worry about starch since it has no negative effects on his muscles.What is your take on this,dear parents? 

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Don't listen to him? I think my son craves protein as he loves meat. I've never heard of it having an adverse affect on the muscles. As for starch, I don't believe it's really good for anyone. Sam loves his french fries, but we do limit them as their really isn't any nutritious value in them.

Hi Laurie

I was kind of confused since this is the first time i am coming across this kind of opinion too.Starch?The much i know of starch is that too much of it may not be really good.

This is what I've always read:  Protein is needed by the body for muscle growth, repair and regeneration.  Protein is essential in your diet if you are diagnosed with muscular dystrophy.  Eat fewer fatty meats and lean more toward fish, lean meats and beans as protein  sources.  Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and protein is the building block  of muscle.

Our clinic has a great nutrionist who we've met with several times regarding my son's diet. She has never said anything about limiting proteins.

A good balanced diet.....we give Dylan treats and we don't fuss over food....he eats more fruit and veg and fish than I do!!...


Hi - that's actually completely inaccurate.

DMD boys can have insulin resistance even before going on steroids, and it's only exaccerbated as the disease progresses. I've always thought that the boys should be on a low glycemic index diet - they should eat like diabetics (easier said than done for a little boy with a sweet tooth..)

Sounds like the complete opposite of what I always heard? Proteins are the building block of muscles, and while some say that proteins supplements might not have much effect on the condition, I have never heard that limiting them would do any good, to the contrary! Someone says in a comment that his son craves protein, I would believe that Dylan is too, everything that Dylan LOVES eating is pure protein! Lean meat, chicken, eggs...  I would get a second opinion!

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