I have always bought it at GNC, now, they don't seem to carry it.  Can I buy it at a discount anywhere else?  I can't figure out how to use a coupon code anymore on Protandim and can't register on there as well.  Any help would be great, as I only have a few days left and can't find it anywhere, except paying $50.00 by calling Protandim. Thanks, Michelle

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I've heard you can get the discount when calling them. Here's the link I use to order: http://www.protandim.com/buy-protandim/ The discount code is FRIEND.
I have tried that link, but, you need a user name and password and I have never ordered on there, so, don't have one. I'll try to call them directly, but I had tried that a few months ago and they said they no longer take the coupon. I'll try. Thanks, Michelle

Laurie Paschal said:
I've heard you can get the discount when calling them. Here's the link I use to order: http://www.protandim.com/buy-protandim/ The discount code is FRIEND.
Hi. You could also buy Protandim on ebay.
I now am on automatic shipment fromv the company for $40.00 per bottle. Thanks, I have also bought it off Ebay.

We get our protandium and suppliments from the Jett foundation as they have only approved products that meet FDA standards.  Check it out its called myoJett

If anyone out there needs to order Protandim, here is a link.  I am a Duchenne mom who has recently signed up as a distributor to help spread the word and can also get you the $40 price on autoship.  I can also ship overseas to parents who are unable to get it.  Oxidative stress only makes our boys condition worse.  Please let me know if you are interested.  Thanks!   www.mylifevantage.com/tgriffin


When the website comes up, just click on enroll and choose enroll as a preferred customer.  Email me if you have any problems at scottandtraci@bellsouth.net

Thanks, I am already on autoship. Love the product, 3 years now.
I am in the uk and got my sister to order this for me in the states this week. So was wondering how much  and how often should i give my son Protandim,he is 5.5 and weighs 52lbs? Any suggestions on how i can disguise it in his food.Is it better taken at a certain time of day?

Clare Harper said:

thanks John
I give Kelvin an entire pill, he is 60 pounds. We crush it up, put some applesauce on a spoon with a little area scooped out. I put the crushed Protandim in the scooped out area, then cover with more applesauce. I divide it in half, meaning 2 spoonfuls of applesauce. If you try only 1 spoonful, they will get a taste of the crushed pill. Kelvin is not good at swallowing pills, but I know of much younger kid who swallows them whole.

Hi Michelle thanks for the tip,we just need to get creative i guess.I only discovered about Idebenone and Protandim recently when i got brave enough to come into this site and read what you guys were all saying.My son was diagnosed last summer but i am only now emerging from shock ,dismay ...and want to know more. 

Do you know why they are not available in the UK? I know it takes time with different regulations etc,is that the reason?.

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