Can anyone tell me why we should give our boys Protandim?  What are the benefits etc...and has anyone seen results?


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Here is the link to the parent observational study of Protandim.  It was done in Europe in 2009.  It looks there are positive benefits.  Kind of long but you can scroll down


Let me know if you would like more info or how to order:)

Brian Tseng did this study and it was cut short due to his move to Boston.  I had a conversation with him and he said that his expereience is that more is better.  I give my son 1 tab/day and he is 60 lbs...we have been doing this since he was 8. 

Christine McSherry said:
"A study with MDX mice revealed that the use of ten times the human dose of Protandim in the mice for 6 months was safe and well tolerated. After 6 months of taking Protandim, 48% percent average decrease in serum TBARS was seen; 0.92nmol/mg in controlsResults: (n=9) versus 0.48 nmol/mg in Protandim® group (n=12; p=0.006). The muscle TBARS at 6 month were lower in the Protandim® treated mice. After six months, the mdx mice on control diets showed increased MRI signal abnormality (p=0.07) compared to mice on Protandim®. The use of Protandim® in this 6 month study did not significantly improve muscle strength, imaging characteristics nor histological criteria."

Interpreted - the Protandim did what it claimed in the MDX mouse ONLY, decreased serum TBARS. No trials were performed on humans with DMD. The mice showed decrease amounts of oxidative stress via a decrease in serum TBARS.

Decreasing oxidative stress is good for all of us - I would guess that decreasing oxidative is good, especially those comprimised with DMD.

We've had our son on Protandim for some time.  He's does very well on it.  Its hard to tell with just one, but we think he's doing better by comparison than other boys.  We were buying it through somebody who was a distributor, and they just sold us a bottle when they had it.  They stopped selling it, and we didn't get it for a few weeks, and we noticed that his energy levels and muscles seemed very affected.  So now I have a friend who runs studynrf2.com, and they set us up on a monthly shipment.  We've been thinking about being distributors too, because we share it with so many people we meet, even those not in our DMD community.

We give my son Kyle (6.5 yrs) 1/2 tab of Protandim daily.   I am not sure we can claim to have seen any positive effects directly attributable to Protandim.   That said, we have not seen any negative effects either.  


Since there are so few things that help, we are of the mindset if it may help and it doesn't hurt him we're going to give it to him - within reason of course.  We are careful to never run out.


We order it off Amazon and use the www.ParentProjectMD.org/Amazon link so PPMD get's 5% of the spend back as cash.  You can use the PPMD Amazon link anytime, all the time, all year, every year to help fund PPMD to find a cure.  PPMD get's approx 5% of all you spend on Amazon.  Tell you friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc.   It's just too easy not to do it.


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