Where do you get Protandim? Is GNC brand good? In addition, how do I know the dose I should give my son and what does Dr. Wong say about Protandim?

Sorry so many questions!


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Where are you buying it?  I can only find it on line.  I don't believe GNC carries it anymore, correct?

Also my son is taking protandim, he is 4 years old, he is doing fine. You can buy it from internet Lifevantage.com.
Good luck

Hello. I am a distributor for Protandim. If you are interested in getting from me, please call me or go to my website.


My son is 8 and I just started him on it. Wish I learned of this a long time ago. I just started selling it for extra money (we all know how expensive medical bills are) so if you are interested in selling it as well, let me know. Hope you and your sons are doing great.



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