Has anyone tried giving Progurt to their son? Or have heard about it? It is a probiotic and claims cure for various things, including Becker MD.

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We give probiotic 1 tab dailiy to my 7.5 son. Probiotic helps with the acdidty issue and stomach pain due to taking Steriod.

He has been taking for couple of years now.

Where did you read about it curing Becker MD?




Someone told us about Progurt cure for Multiple Sceleroris and Diabetes (claiming that Progurt is not the standard probiotic that you can buy from grocery stores, but is something more potent) and asked us to call the person in Australia. So I did talk to the guy in australia and he told me about the Becker case.

There is no cure for Becker or DMD...YET!

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