It's been a long time since I've been on this site but i very much need the advice and experiences of other parents on a very serious problem I am having.

Ever since my son started taking prednisone 7 yrs ago (18 mg/day) we have noticed that he has bruised easily. We didn't pay much attention to it over the years as it wasn't that bad or an issue until the last couple years after we got a puppy and it became a huge issue. In short, a playful pup + an overly excitable boy + prednisone = bruising = visits from CPS. We have had 3 complaints and consequently 3 investigations - 2 from a new school/teachers and the last from a new pediatrician on our first visit. I was working a lot then and didn't notice the bruising on my sons arms until he was getting his exam. Anyway, the pediatrician doesn't believe it's from a dog even though my children all substantiated it. My boys play with the dog by tussling or "rough housing" on the floor with him. Daniel can't run so his play consists of laying on the floor and playing with him. The dog "soft mouth's" him on the arms when they play. Daniel doesn't get hurt by it and he gets a "kick" out of it but it has led to extensive bruising on his arms. I'll be the first to admit it doesnt look good. My other son plays with him in the same manner but gets none of the bruising. They don't understand how a dog can play this way with him and not puncture his skin and leave bites marks. As for my son's neurologist, when I told him about the easy bruising, he sent us to a hematologist but failed to mention anything about prednisone causing easy bruising.

I have given them documentation regarding easy bruising and prednisone. Didnt make any difference cause the pediatrician doesn't believe it. Any advice? Can you tell me if you have seen easy bruising with prednisone? He is also on lamictal which also causes easy bruising side effects.

I refused to get rid of our dog, as this would hurt all my kids but I can no longer allow Daniel to play with the dog. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm sorry I posted this in the wrong topic. Admin. please move if possible.


my son has been on deflazacort for 11 years 36mg per day, and he shows no sign of bruising easily. We also had a dog who played around with my son on the floor and now on his bed, but still no bruising. I have never been informed by his neurologist that Deflazacort could cause this, could it be one of the differences between Prednisone and Deflazacort?

Hi Karen, many sites list bruising as a common side effect of prednisone.  I know that you guys had a bad experience with deflazacort in the past so that is not an option for you.  I am surprised that the pediatrician would not know that thin skin, easy bruising, and slow wound healing is common for anyone on long term steroids.  It doesn't happen for everyone, but I know many non DMD folks on long term steroids that have the same issues.  I would think your pharmacist would be able to speak to that, maybe more than the MD.  Good luck to you on this and good to "see" you!  

Bradley also bruises very easily. Some of his bruises look really awful. I am so sorry that you are going through this. I agree with Jennifer. The pediatrician should know the side effects of prednisone.
Thanks for the replies. Lisa, do the bruises get really big and take on a red & purple color? When I told the neurologist I was having problems with CPS the only drug he mentioned that might cause bruising side effects was the lamictal. I don't understand it! It says right on my son's prednisone prescription that easy bruising can be a side affect. And he has been on them so long. Maybe not many doctors have seen kids on prolonged steroid use? And then it might affect some kids more with bruising than others.

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