My son, John John is 6 years old and has been having some stomach issues. We took him to a pediatric gastronologist who wants to conduct a endoscopy. He will have to undergo general anesthesia. We are very nervous about this based on the boy from Wales as well as Tyler Poole.
Any thoughts about this?

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Hi - our baby was on zantac for a little while because of acid reflux, and he became deficient in a few important vitamins/minerals. If they're on it, they should be taking some b-12, and possibly iron as well.

One more thing to think about, right?
Hi Everyone,

My son is 16 and has been Deflazacort since he was 7. He has reflux that bothers him quite frequently. He is on Protonix now. We have been through Prilosec and Prevasid. After awhile one will stop working and we have to change to something else for awhile. Ryan has had two endoscopies without complications. Both showed a yeast infection in his throat. The GI doctor has now asked us to see an infectious disease specialist to talk about possible preventative medicine. We have considered putting him on some probiotics to help his GI system and the yeast growth. Ryan does complain that his stomach hurts frequently but so far he has had no signs of an ulcer.

Hope this helps.

My son is 5 years old and has been on predisone and zantac for a year now and so far he has had no problems. And he don't alway eat before he takes his medication.

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