After reading around this section, I noticed most of your kids are on deflazacort. Where we live, prednisone is probably the only option. I was just wondering if those of you who have/had children who are/were taking prednisone could write as much as you can about you experience? How old is your child, how long has he been taking prednisone, what were the side effects, what was good, what was bad and why did you stop(if you did).

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My son Justin has been on prednisone for 7yrs now. He is almost 14yrs old. When he first started taking it, he had explosive anger outbursts, but he was diagnosed with ODD(oppositional defiant disorder) so I am not sure if the prednisone had anything to do with that. He also is adhd. The only real side effects Justin has had is the moon face. He never gained a large amount of weight from it. He weighs 116lbs right now. Honestly, we have had no real major issues with long term prednisone use. Oh and you can get Deflazacort over the internet with a prescription no matter where you live.


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