My son has been taking Prednisone for about a year now and his behavior is worse than ever. Does anybody else have this problem. And stopped the prednisone due to beahavior. I'm gonna tell the doctor to take him off of it and see how his behavior get's.

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Joshua is on Deflazacort and he too had behaviour problems. I started giving him chocolate covered coffee beans or just coffee. The reason is because ADD/ADHD is a side effect of these medications that don't happen to all, but it can happen. The medication given for this is usually Ritalin etc.. Before Ritalin was approved though, everything was based on caffeine. His doctor was the one who told us this and said to try the caffeine. WOW! It worked really well and in a matter of minutes. On average, he only needs 2-3 beans/ coffee per day. It's worth a try because the worst that can happen is he'll like coffee later on. The problem with Ritalin is it can cause heart palpitations and that's not a healthy thing for our kids. It's worth a try! :)

Oh yes, drastic behavior changes once the steroids were started with my son at 5yrs old. Terrible bouts of "roid rage" and my son's underlying issues with sensory issues, OCD and other things were all magnified. It's been a rough few years but he has calmed down a lot now at 8. We resorted to meds to try and counter the steroid effects (they helped a lot) and even stopped the steroids for 6 months. Given the benefits of steroids though, I was not willing to take my son off of them. He is on a lower dose than he should be but we all have to have some sanity around here. I think we have reached a good balance now.

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