My son Jeffery is 16 years old. We can request a new wheelchair in 2009 with delivery in 2010. I was wondering what would be the best chair to request. I believe the standing feature is a must for our sons. I've been on line and reviewd many brands. I was just wondering if anyone had a recommendations. He has the Permobile chairman presently.
His chair doesn't have the elevation feature which I feel is a must. Thank you, Margaret Wilkinson Spring Lake, Michigan Hope this was the appropriate place to put this question.

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Hi Margaret, we just got Christopher's 2nd wheelchair last month. He has been very happy with the Invacare Arrow with rear wheel drive. He tried a few Permobil models, but just didn't care for them. He got the elevation feature on the new chair, something he didn't have before. I will say that it has been a great thing! I've seen him use it to adjust to different table and desk heights, to use his laptop at our counter-height bar, and to be taller when people are standing around in a group. One thing that we don't like about this new chair is that when he reclines or tilts, the armrests go with him, they don't stay down at the normal, parallel to the floor position. It's pretty awkward. Also, he loves having a swing-away joystick mount. He had it on his old chair and they talked him out of it for this new one, saying that he wouldn't need it because the armrests swing up and out of the way. Well, they are now ordering him a swing-away joystick mount because the armrests are too difficult to push up and he still wants armrests down when he is at a table anyway!
So, there are my 2 cents! A great website to visit is They have message boards where people discuss different chairs and you can ask questions. Good luck!

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