Hey guys. I just wanted to make all of you aware of a situation that happened with our son justin. He is almost 14 and in the 8th grade. Some kids figured out how to take his chair from power to manual by moving the brakes on each side. Well, on thursday, two kids took the brakes off and then started pushing his chair. Unfortunately, they were right next to a ramp and the chair went flying down the ramp. Justin had no control and his chair slammed into a pole, bending up his foot plate and pushing his ankle up and to the side. He has a very swollen sprained, possibly broken ankle. Luckily, that was it. My husband was able to fix the chair and we have Justins ankle wrapped and are giving him motrin. The school promptly took care of the situation and the kids involved. Justin was very scared with the lack of control. My husband took some plastic ties and tied the brakes in position so you have to cut them to move them now. I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware that this could happen!


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OMG!! A little prank among friends now and then isn't too bad but what you just described is terrible!! Thank you for alerting us. I hope the kids who did this and their parents fully understand what they've done!!
Oh my thats awful!! I've been in a similar situation in school, 10 plus years ago when some kids took my hand off the control and had a good ol time driving me into a door, my footplate bent up too. I didn't get hurt. It wasn't malicious just a really thoughtless act. Being out of control is terrifying. I cried and they stopped, just as a teacher came out of the staff room. I hope your son is ok! poor guy.

Thank you for sharing this. I will make sure when (still waiting for Medicaid to approve) we get the chair I will ask the vendor about this when he delivers it. It is something I would have never thought about as I'm sure you didn't until the accident. How is Justin doing? I'm curious what did the school do to the two boys?

The boys parents were immediately called to the school. The boys were put into iss(in school suspension) and made to apologize to Justin and the entire school had an assembly and the princiapl explained to them how dangerous it was and how if it ever happened again the punishments would be more harsh. One of the boys parents apologized to Justin also. the other boy....well he stays in trouble and his parents dont seem to do much about it.....Justins ankle is slowly healing. It is still swollen and sore.

My son had a similar situation when he was 12. Some boys were messing around and pushing each other when one of them fell on the joystick it flung him ahead into a table and he broke his ankle. So it doesn't even have to be that someone else was driving the wheelchair.
OMG! Thanks for sharing this. I am so confident that my son can keep control of his chair that I really never thought of other's taking over the joy stick. I'm sure the boys think of this scenerio all the time though.

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