I would appreciate some suggestions on portable ramps. I want to use them when visiting other people homes. What type (telescopic, fold able, roll-up; two telescopic or a single ), what length (want to handle up to 2-3 steps), width (30 or 36 inch) to consider. Also, I want to make sure they are not too heavy so that my wife can handle when I am not there. Also, I would like to use ramps with manual and power chair.

If I need to build a ramp in the house, will 2:12 be sufficient for a powerchair?

Thank you for your help

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We had a fold-up suitcase ramp and I was able to lift it and unfold it by myself. We got it used and have actually lent it out to a friend. Here is a source for used equipment, you can look through it by regions of the country.


I will check with my husband on our ramp he built for the house. I know it is not 1:12 but I am not sure exactly what it is. Jon has no trouble driving up it in his power chair. I think there are pictures on my page.

I just checked with my husband and our is 1.5:12. We had a temporary ramp that was about 2:12 and it was really rough to push him up in his manual chair.
We have 2 aluminum ramps - each 4 feet long and 30" wide from Prairie View Industries. They are light and easy to manage, fit into our minivan and can be used with scooters or power/manual wheelchairs.. We have used them for up to 3 steps although that can be a little steep. When we feel it is too steep, one of us usually helps steady the chair/scooter and the other stands at the bottom of the ramp to make sure it doesn't slip.

I wouldn't recommend these for everyday use, but they are wonderful for visiting friends and relatives.

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