Pfizer Extends Age Eligibility for Myostatin Inhibitor Trial

I haven't seen this on PPMD yet so I thought I'd share.

Pfizer has extended the age range for their Myostatin Inhibitor trial.  Originally it was, if I remember correctly, 6<10 years of age.  They have extended that to 6<16.  As far as I can tell, the other criteria has remained the same.

This is good news for our family.  Our oldest was tested, about a week before his tenth birthday, and was found to be about 0.2 seconds (yes, less than a second) too fast on the stair climb to be enrolled.  I haven't timed him at home yet, but plan to.  However, as we all know, with the natural progression of DMD, if he's not eligible now at almost 11 years old, he soon will be.

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