We met Zack and his mom, Koren, at the PPMD Coach for A Cure in 08. Zack was such a trooper - it was raining cats and dogs and he was so patient about the Seattle rain. He had a big smile and was just a great all around guy. If you go to Coach for A Cure for 08 - you will see him - dark hair in his 20's.
I can't tell you how it saddens me to lose another one of our DMD guys. I get sad, then angry and then ask why and then start all over again. In the past, I didn't know the guys that had passed on. When will something be found to stop all this? Why is it so hard to find a cure?

Zack - we miss you and love you!
- to be continued,
Char Burke

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Hi Char,

I didn't have the opportunity to know Zack or his family but my heart goes out to them and you too. I wish there was something I could say or do to make you, and all of us feel better. Sending prayers for solice.
I never had the chance to meet Zack or his family as well but my heart aches just the same for them for another boy lost at such a young age! I'm just angry and will continue to stay angry until a cure is found for all of our boys and no other families have to go thru losing a child, grandchild or any other family member or friend!
I will be thinking of Zack and his family today. Even though I have never met him or his family, my heart breaks for both as if they were part of my family.
Please check out this wonderful obituary that Zack's hometown paper wrote.

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