How do I go about getting an aide/paraprofessional for my son? He's 11 and really needs an aide at school but I'm getting the run around on getting one. How did any of you get an aide at school? What did you have to do exactly. I know I need an ARD meeting and to request a paraprofessional but what next? The school says they've never heard of anyone getting an aide. What do I tell them and where can I find the exact legal verbage?

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Member Brian Denger is very helpful when it comes to school related issues. If he doesn't read this and answer you could search for him.. He would likely be closer to the beginning of the members list. I am fairly sure that each state has advocates that can come and represent you and your son at a meeting with your son's school.
I work in the legal field and can try to help on this one. Basically you need an IEP scheduled with your school. Do you have a liason between you and your school? In my area, we have a co-op that deals with the schools (on a county basis), and I go through them to request changes, IEPs, aids, etc. My liason then contacts the school and lets them know how things need to be changed, and he works closely between me and the school.

Your school may never have needed an aid before, but your son does now, and they should provide. In fact if it is a public school system, legally, they are required to provide any and all services that are for the benefit of your son. Please talk to your school principal about who you need to contact (school board, superintendant, separate county liason, etc.) to get your IEP in place and to go through what you require for your son.

Some schools are receptive and some will fight you on this. I'm not saying to go in screaming, but definitely let them know that this is extremely important and that it is required by law, for your son.

Also, there have been many threads on this site about IEPs, and how to get your school on board with what you need for your son. Scroll through... Hopefully you'll get all the answers you need.

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