Hello Everyone...

Please reply with suggestions for pants my son Alex can wear while in his wheelchair that will allow him to use a portable male urinal.

I have looked online but not impressed with the limited choices !

Thank you, Happy Holidays !!!


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Hi Mandy

I actually have cut the crotches on my sons pants and he does not wear underwear so its easy for me to help.


Hi Mandy my son Rowen wears the Joe Boxer (Kmart) pj pants. They have a button front and are very comfy

Hi Mandy,

My son Chris wears sweat pants with no underwear. We also cut the crotch but sewed snaps there. Some people use velcro.


Hi Mandy, my son has been wearing the pants and shorts from Easy Access Clothing for years. Sandy has several different configurations. Christopher likes the velcro fly. He uses a male urinal. They hold up extremely well.


  My Mom developed this idea for my sons, both of whom have DMD.  She picked out the center front seam where a zipper might go opening the seam to the center crotch..  Then faces both sides, then sews velcro on both sides,and it works great.  My son's couldn't use the urinal by them selves, if it weren't for the Mimi velcro.  My mom can't sew anymore, so now I do it.  It really helps maintain their independence.

Laurie Barton

try ebay health and beauty/ medical, mobility & disability/ caregiver products.  shorts available for purchase.

Thank you all for your great suggestions !

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