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Please advise.My twelve years old is experiencing sharp pains in the muscles to the outer side of his thighs.Is this due to shortening of the muscle tissue?How can we relieve his pain?Can tendon release help?Despite the stretches that we do,his legs have bent at the knees at an angle of 45 degrees as he lies on bis back.What is really getting me depressed is to see him cry with the pain.

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I am so sorry to hear this Wainaina, it must be so difficult to endure this with your son. I hope someone can help you get him some relief. I don't know about a permanent solution, but would heat help, as in putting some warm packs on his thighs?


Let us try with the packs and see if he will get some relief.Am hopeful too that we will get more relief as time goes by as we get more advise from parents who have gone thro it.Thanks and have a great  day with your loved ones.

Hello Wainaina, have you been able to find something to help your son with his pain, and the possible cause? I hope so.



Drugswise,we have not had anything to help reduce the pain,so we use the warm packs and they seem to help.However,when we roll him over at midnight,the pain usually wakes him up,so again we apply the warm packs and stretch the legs a bit before he goes back to sleep.A physiotherapist told us it could be as a result of contractures.On a different note,we do not have him on steroids.We tried for two months and his weight shot up seriously,and the mood swings and tantrums too.So we opted to stop the steroids.If only the product they are developing to work like a steroid minus the side effects would come to our boys sooner.We can only wait,hope,and do our part.Thanks for your concern,and hope your loved ones are well.


Yes, I would like VBP15 sooner than later also :(
It is doubly annoying to not only deal with the discomfort but also the lack of a good sleep. I sympathize.

Yes,the product is VBP15.I see from their website the product is in Phase 1, first-in-human, clinical trial.Still some way to go but still good to know there is some amazing work going into this. 

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