Our Deflazacort shipment is being hold by FDA in the post office,anyone experienced the same situation?

Our Deflazacort shipment is being hold by FDA in the post office.We have ordered it with doctor letter even then did not go though custom.The letter from FDA states that drug you are importing are unapproved new drugs and /or can be purchased in the US.Anyone had the same experience,please share and help ?Thanks

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It can't be purchased in the US. I've never heard of this, what a night mare

Did you go through Masters Marketing? Here is their contact information:
Julie Emms
Online Customer Service
T: 0208 327 0900

F: 0208 327 0901
For US customers:
Toll free Tel: 1-800-969-1152
Toll free fax: 1-888-887-9872
E: julie.emms@masters-sp.com
W: masters-sp.com

Oh never mind ,we have faxed a letter to the FDA person and she cleared it today ,hopefully get it in the mail in next few days.

we have faxed a letter to the FDA personin the chicago district office  and she cleared it today ,hopefully get it in the mail in next few days.Just she has to send her some facts that prednisone put more and rapid weight gain than Defalazacort and send her Neurologist expertise details with website reference.We also sent Dr.Wong(we have not met yet) introduction as her speciality in this field.And at the end we request to let it release as it is important for his health.Good Luck.

Andrea Cleary said:

Ir'a happening to another family right now, here is the post from FB

I ordered my son's Deflazacort from Masters Marketing. I just received notice from the Dept of Health & Human Services Food & Drug Administration that they detained the drugs at the Chicago District Office because it is an 'unapproved new drug'. Anyone else experience this and know how to get my shipment through?

There was a letter on the main PPMD website for a long time that was from the FDA, and called out their enforcement discretion policy regarding deflaz. I can't find it, but if you call the office Monday, I'm sure they can locate it. Sounds like you've done all the scrambling already, though...
Hopefully the fda is finally pulling their heads out on this topic at least and we won't have to import much longer


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