How many of you have boys that are having a hard time using the bathroom? Such as not knowing they have went in there pants and afterwards still not knowing until they have been shown. My son has had this happen twice already i went and got him some adult diapers but i dont know if thats the right thing to do or not. He is only 10 and we are having issues most families dont see until the late teens. any advice would be appreciated.

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Does your son have a UTI?  My son has recently been dealing with it and that's the only time he cant hold it.  He doesn't get symptoms either so I didn't know he even had one.

He doesn't have a uti. He is actually losing control over bowel movements

My son is 22 and has control of his bowels.  Have you asked his dr?  I was under the impression that this isn't affected.

In some cases these can be affected. My son is 10 and already has adult symptoms its really scarey but I talk to his doc on the 19th.

Hopefully they can help him.

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