OSU Eplerenone and ACE/ARB combo trial results released

With no medical authority whatsoever, just a parent here, I strongly suggest to every parent out there with a boy >10 to look into this.


Not going to cure anything, not a radical innovation either. But it seems to work on the heart and what else really matters?

I will also note that my son, who has been on the open-label extension trial since 9/2013, has also seen marked improvements in lung function. That's NOT part of the study above, just my own anecdotal evidence the combo seems to work

Happy new year all

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This is a very interesting result. Definitely one step forward for a therapy with combination of drugs. David what are the drugs that you are giving your son. Can they be started on my 9 year son who's heart function is normal so far.

He takes Losartan, Eplerenone, Deflazacort, Metformin, idebenone supplement, calcium, vitamin D supplement

The Metformin is to counter weight gain from Deflazacort. He started on Losartan years before the OSU trial.

You probably have a cardiologist. Take the study info to them and ask if they think this is appropriate for your son. I think the placebo controlled structure will be very convincing to many docs
Definitely its a good news because heart is the organ to be taken care of the most in duchenne. Thanks David for such relevant info. God bless our sons. Happy new year to all .

Hi David.Great news to usher in the new year.I understand that one needs to keep a keen eye on the potassium levels in the patient using Eplerenone or Spironolactone?How often have you been taking your boy to monitor the potassium?Thank you.

Potassium tests were performed at first dose, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year. And then again once more after we started open label extension.

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