Good article on the subject here. Official announcement expected later today. Will not fund creation of new lines, but opens up funding to more of the existing lines.

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Thanks for the article. I relate to Mike's statement (I am paraphrasing) that if you or your family is not facing an issue like this, it is easy to chalk it up to a moral issue. I know I struggled with this issue before finding out about my son, and now, I just want a treatment/cure. I applaud what the scienctific community is doing, and are my heroes for there pursuit of a cure for DMD.
The ESC debate will never go away, as there is no right or wrong answer. Both sides of the debate can put forward very strong reasons why they are right, but at the end of the day just because some people find the research morally reprehensible should not give them the right to deny others the chance of a better life (think where we would be if blood transfusions were banned because some sectors of the community are against them)

For President Obama to make this decision is a remarkable step forward for our sons. I just hope that the general population realise his actions do not indicate he is anti pro-life, they merely show he is pro-choice, and that he understands that access to this treatment should be the decision of the individual, not the administration of the day.

As a parent of a child with DMD I sincerely hope that this phenomenal (albeit controversial) leap forward for research is not twarted by the church and anti-abortion movement. I also hope that with this decision, public awareness of what blastocyst research involves is also improved, so people can make educated decisions on whether they are for or against this vital area of research.

So kudos to Obama for making a decision that ends the frustration for so many people that stand to gain from this research. And high fives to all the Americans that voted him to office - parents the world over thank you. :D

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