Social isolation is starting to become more and more real to me. When A simple task turns into a trial. The little things like going to the grocery store, an event, the pumpkin patch or even just to a friend's house. Everywhere we go there's stairs to climb an obstacles to tackel. I wish that we could have a "normal" family outing but instead we have to figure out how were going to make it to the bathroom, through the gravel road in a wheelchair
Or just being reminded every where we go of the things my son can't or is unable to do. Geese why don't we live in a more handicap accessible world. Ok rant over.

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Overcoming obstacles is not trivial. We dealt with this yesterday going to the hike and bike trail, that while accessible once you get there, parking and getting to the accessible entrance meant walking in the street and around sidewalk barriers and bumps.

It is way easier to stay at home - but it is worth the effort of getting outside.

Noah is now 18 and has been in Cub Scouts and now Boy Scouts. He has an exception to continue working towards his Eagle rank after 18. (He just earned his Life Rank a few months ago.) Through this, we have been to many Summer Camps that were more or less able to meet his needs. But despite all the sweat and tears, it has been worth it in my opinion. Of course my son would probably say otherwise as he'd rather play Xbox online, but it has been good for him to know that there are physical challenges that can be overcome.

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