I was just curious to know if any non-carrier mom's were on any type of medication during their pregnancy of a child diagnosed and the father didn't have the disease.


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It also doesn't take into consideration those mothers who never find out if they are carriers or not. Not everybody wants to find out/has the means to find out.

Interestingly, when I had my PGD performed, I was told that "as expected" none of the 10 embryos were affected. So as a non-carrier they did not expect any more of my eggs to carry the mutation. I wish I had asked why they were so sure there wouldn't be, but I was just grateful to have 10 healthy embryos at the time.

My guess is that the statistic of a '5% - 20% chance of having another DMD child' for non-carriers roughly translates to "we actually have no idea but as we're doctors so feel we ought to tell you something lest it look as though we're somehow lacking".

I think a truer picture of germline risk will appear in the next few years when more and more women opt to have PGD. And particularly if the same women have eggs collected on more than one occasion.

Mindy said:
I was told that the risk percentage was calculated based on known cases of non-carriers who happened to have more than one child with DMD.

What that doesn't figure in is the women with only one DMD child that got a "good egg" with subsequent children. Or women with one DMD child that might be germline carriers who decided not to have additional children, both of which would skew the percentages.

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