Any suggestions on how to keep their feet from sweating in the night braces?  We even bought the "sock liners" that were recommended from the PT.  Nope.... still sweaty!  Was thinking of maybe little girls stockings?  We've even gone without any socks and still sweaty.  His is made from Styrofoam material and hard plastics.


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Try some baby powder or Gold Bond. If the fragrance of those is too strong (or babyish), try the cornstarch powder without talc.

Are sock liners basically tubes open at both ends (sorry, not familiar with the term)? Cut the toes off socks or liners to give a bitter better ventilation, it may help.

If you find a good solution please pass it on to us.



Not sure what "bitter better" means, ha ha! 

Also, are there holes drilled in the plastic? That can help for ventilation. Ours came with them already, but you could ask the orthotist to do it, or if you have somebody handy with a drill and vice (slippery plastic).

I agree with Andrea. I cut the toes out of diabetic socks for my son. Diabetic socks are way more giving and put a nice barrier between the plastic and his skin.

Summer time is still tricky, but I'm going to try the Gold Bond this year!

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