My son has recently started wearing night braces to keep his heel cords stretched. He is six years old and was so excited about wearing his batman boots each night. Well after 3 short weeks....the excitement is over. Now what do we do???? I'm beginning to dread bedtime. Any suggestions???? Thank you.

Julie Hathaway

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My son has been wearing night splints for almost 3 yrs. He actually prefers not wearing socks. He also likes to put stickers on them! Hope this helps!
I'm not sure how the other boys sleep, but we put Kelvin's on after he has gone to sleep. He does not want them on before he goes to sleep. It works about 99% of the time. Only a few times has he woke up while we were putting them on and then got mad. I actually massage him (and he falls asleep while I'm doing this) and then stretch him and then put the splints on, all after he has gone to sleep. Of course 1 set of stretches have to be done while he is awake, but while he is sleeping, I can hold the stretch for a long time and can hold it without him wiggling around. We use the sleeves like others do (especially in the summer so that his toes are exposed) and then MEDIPEDS that I bought at a regular store for the winter. I believe they are made for diabetics and don't make him sweat.

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