I read a lot lately about vitamin Nicotinamide riboside and I was wondering if anyone ever tried this on  child , and in what doses?

Here is  link of  one article...


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I give it my son
I spoke with the researcher
I buy it on Amazon and he get 2 capsules 500mg daily i think since 3 Werks

Thank you for reply. Have you noticed any change or progress?How old is your son? My son is 2 years...

Hi sanja
No not yet at the moment
But he is very strong i am so happy about this
He will be 7 in may
How is your son doing?
Best wishes Nadja

I really hope that this will work, I am glad that  your son is doing  well.  My son is ok, he is still very young. I assume that you talked to scientists Johan Auwerx ? I Will try this vitamin to :)

Hi Nadja,

Could you tell us more details about this?

Who is the researcher you talked to,what dosing he suggested,brand of NR he suggested?

Thank you

Nadja said:

I give it my son
I spoke with the researcher
I buy it on Amazon and he get 2 capsules 500mg daily i think since 3 Werks
I have written with him
He is very friendly!

I hawe wtitten with him too. He suggest 250 mg daily ( my son is 2y and have 12 kg). I buy Thorne Niacel-nicotinamide riboside.

Yes i bought the same but i give him 500mg per day because it is not dangerous when you give more

For now I will give as much as dr. Auwerx recommended. This brand is good, but contains only 60 capsules, each capsule contains 125mg.

I read that the brand is not important, they are only different prices and doses. I also read that in one clinical trial (not for DMD) found that if you take 500mg per day, the first results are seeing after 4 weeks, if you take 250mg per day after 8 weeks. I hope this Will work :)

Yes Dr. Auwrex says 250 per day but you need a high dosage and to give more is not dangerous
I buy the one from throne 60 x 250 mg i think 50 Euro
Where do you read this about the weeks?
I think After 4 weeks max has become even stronger and better as he already was

Really? I am very happy to hear that, then it means that this is working. I'll link where I read about this weeks ;)


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