new to ppmd, any families affected with exon 31 mutation? i found a researcher from japan that took a look at my son's cells

i want to let people know about a researcher from japan that tested two compounds on my son's cells and it work, i want to reach out to people with mutations in exon 31, to give them info and hope, my story is long and sad, found out about my son's condition about a year and some change, heard a lot of promise in research with exon skipping , but felt hopeless because drug companies and for the most part people are only looking at the hot spot or most common mutations, i met this researcher in person and showed me the results that were done in my sons cell, it is still in the work, but if any one will like to chat about this give me a call 479-746-4062, spread the word! or e-mail him 

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I know this post is old, but my son was just diagnosed last month with a nonsense mutation in Exon 31. He presently has no symptoms other than an awkward run and will be 5 soon. Just looking for more information about this particular exon!

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