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Any suggestions on what type of van I need to start looking into, mini van, full size van? lift or ramp? should I get a van and install a lift myself? is there any organizations, government, resources, that can help? your input will be greatly appreciated, thank you

Hi Juan,

Last year we purchased a Chrysler T&C from AMS vans in Norcross, Georgia.

They do their own conversions and give a 5 year warranty on the new conversions. They have a great website that lists all the vans for sale, they have new and used vans and new and used conversions.

We purchased a 2012 van with a new conversion.We are very pleased with our van, AMS had many to choose from to fit every budget and needs.

Hope this helps you.


Hi Mandy, thank you so much, there is a lot of vans (full size, hi tops, mini vans, etc) and they are very pricy and I'm confused or need advice to look for the right fit for my son, full size in my head seems that it might have more room and easier entry access but I'm considering a mini van, easier to drive and better gas mileage, once again thank you and hope the best for you and your family, Juan

We looked and drove them all. We went with a Mercedes Benz with a side door lift that splits open when it is in stow position. Mercedes has great financing, they don't require mandatory down payments like most others, they have a mobility rebate, tax free (In Texas). They even financed the lift for us and the EZ lock. 

We bought a new 144" short roof which needs clearance of 9' like most drive thru restaurants. Diesel engine, gets about 25 mpg. We removed 2 of the 3 rear seats to accommodate for the EZ lock and chair. Leaving 1 bench across the back that seats 4 people along with the 2 front buckets. There is enough room behind the rear seat to pack in pretty much whatever you need for traveling. 

The only thing you have to really pay attention to is the rear AC, if you live in the south, most all of them have it built in. I found some in Seattle that didn't. You will need the rear AC pretty much anywhere you live in the USA. 

Pricing out the door with the lift and EZ lock was about $50k. Resale is great because you can take the lift out and it is back to normal vs the resale of a converted mini van. 

Thank you so much for your input, as more I think about it the more confused I get there are many to choose from, and very pricy, I was told by some one that has had both full size and mini van, he told me that lift's on full size van's give a lot of trouble, he encourage me to get a mini van since the ramp on them are trouble free, he has had many full size van's with different types of lift's. I have also thought about a Nissan NV. and once again thank you so much wish the best for you and your family, Juan.

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