Todya we went and did a test drive for the go go Elite Traveller. The dealer did not have Go GO Ultra X model to try. Please comment on the following;

1) IS Ultra X better for kids than Elite Traveller?

2) We asked him to lower the seat by 4 inches to ensure that the feet are reaching the platform when sitting. Is this a good idea? Do we need to consider anything else

4) The seat is big for my son (16 inch wide), they said they can get a 14 inch seat made and we requested to lower the arm rest proportionally to help the sitting posture...

Just wondering if we missed anything...appreciate help. Thanks.

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There is a person I know who has special ordered the go-go elite to help customize for dmd children. Just did a search and I am going to copy and paste....if nothing else contact and speak with Kris, good person.

The source is about a person who is a mobility specialist who has helped families order a scooter that will offer the best type of support. He does recommend the chair for the best support. However, for traveling and getting around short distances he can help you work with a seating and mobility specialist so your scooter has good support. The best way to get in touch with him is to call him. You can e-mail him but he does not read his e-mails on a regular basis. I spoke to him quite a while back and he sounds like a great person with a good heart and very resourceful. His name is Kris Ledford and below is the website.

Kris did say the GoGo scooter would have to be 4 wheels and I believe the Elite traveler (you can confirm with him on this). He did say I could let others know and he would be wiling to offer his help. He is a very nice person.

Kris said he would work with the PT and or someone who is ATS certified.

I am not recommending this or saying the scooter is the best source. If you are going to order a scooter and want the best mobility seating that can be offered for children like ours then this is a great source. Kris strongly recommends working with a seating and mobility specialist and the proper chair will give the ultimate support.

Good luck with this and I hope it helps.
Thanks Julie. What is surprising to me is most of the Pride dealers I talked to in the VA area seem to not care much at all. I
Some do not care because it is not a big money maker for them. I can tell you Kris Ledford cares about our children. Please let us know how it goes and I wish you all the best!

Bains said:
Thanks Julie. What is surprising to me is most of the Pride dealers I talked to in the VA area seem to not care much at all. I
We finally got the scooter on Monday. It is pretty good and my son is able to drive well. We special ordered the 14'' seat instead of standard 16'' wide and also lowered the seat by about 4''. The only issue is that the special order seat is pretty heavy(very comfortable though). Just thought of posting an update.

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