Kent will be 24 years old this month and has Duchenne MD. He is currently working toward his bachelor's degree in military history. Last summer, we stumbled upon the most incredible opportunity for him...the Historic Aviation Memorial Museum in Tyler, Texas, which is only about an hour from our home. For the past year, he has served as a docent a couple of days a week. The WWII veterans who also work there love to tell him their stories, and he's like a sponge...soaking it all up.


A couple of Sunday's ago, Kent and the museum made the front page of the newspaper. Within the same week, he was also a feature story on the local newscast. As Kent's proud mom, I just couldn't help but share it with you all.


This link will bring you to 3 search results.  Choose the second one for a big view of the television news coverage.
Here's the front page article from the Sunday before:

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Thank you for sharing this. Parents have a right to brag on their talented kids.

Kent is an inspiration and model for what older boys can be and do.
Go Kent!!!
Thanks so much for posting this. As a parent, sometimes I focus too much on what our children won't be able to do instead of what they can.
Great story, and also very interesting that your Grandfather was a USS Indianapolis survivor. Some real history there...

Kippi and Kent,

That is so cool because our son Simon (10) is just fascinated by war stuff (don't know why, no family members have served) and since he talks sometimes about jobs he knows he will NOT be able to do because of the DMD, we have been encouraging him to think about being an historian or professor. Good for you all. Thank you so much for sharing your story.


Thanks for sharing this story with us.

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