My son has Duchenne, be appropriate to give Creatine? Thank you for your answer

Good evening I am the father of Angel, a 7 years and 2 months, we live in the city of Guatemala, in November 2014 she was diagnosed with deletion of exon 58, which is taking Deflacort 7.5 milligrams daily, two tablets of 50 mg coenzyme Q-10 (one at breakfast and one at dinner) as well as multivitamins and vitamin D, so earlier, I would consult them if they see fit to start giving creatine, according to a note of the read indicates that creatine helps to maintain muscle strength in DMD patients, so I agree to support his opinion, currently my son weighs 55 pounds and is 110 centimeters.
Thank you very much for your attention and support they can give me.

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Hi Eddy, did you get any more information on this?  We too are thinking of doing this.  Creatine seems to be a myostatin inhibitor.  Our son was in a clinical trial for myostatin inhibitor "Anti-Myostatin Adnectin (RO7239361)" for 2 years.  Even though the trial was abandoned for lack of sufficient evidence, it is our firm belief that it DID help him.  He has Duchenne.  At 15 years of age he is still ambulatory and even able to walk up stairs (although with significant effort).  After the trial ended, we see increased deterioration happening.  At least Creatine is available at Amazon etc. without a medical prescription.  

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