There is a new van on the market that looks great for wheel chair transport called the MV-1 from a US company called VPG.  I will attach the PDF or try searching MV-1 vehicle. Looks very intreaging and does not need an adaptation!



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looks great. what is the MSRP?
This is great! Finally, an american version of the wheelchair friendly London Taxi.
I did not know that there was a vehicle specifically designed for wheel chair transport....its about time. My research is leaning me in this direction for our next dads taxi.

Cheers comrads, have a great day.

Steve Whitehorse, Yukon Canada.

cheryl cliff said:
This is great! Finally, an american version of the wheelchair friendly London Taxi.
I had heard about this from either Julie Gilmore or Julie Garcia on Facebook, and it looks interesting.

"*Although final pricing has yet to be announced, the MV-1 Base
Model (unleaded fuel) is expected to be value priced under
$40,000 USD**"

This pricing is consistent with getting a mini van with modest accessibility modifications. It's intended to seat 6, including the disabled passenger and driver. I'm interested, but the final assembly is being provided by the same company that makes the military's hummer and which made the first few years' civilian models of the hummer which included many, many lemons. On the other hand, we've been having all sorts of trouble with the Bruno turning automotive seat installed in our Toyota minivan, so I'm totally open minded about this.
One more thing. If this bad boy came with FWD and good diesel engine, I'd probably order one tomorrow.
I talked to the president of the co. and they indicated that they should be comming out with an AWD after year 1-4. I guess this means that we may see an AWD in yr. five. I like the vehicle....probably has lots of bugs, but hey the warenty is awsome.

google it, it looks good.

Ofelia Marin said:
looks great. what is the MSRP?
Does anyone currently use a Dodge Grand Caravan without seats to transport two power chairs?

A few quick thoughts. First the promo materials show a person with a manual chair in the vehicle. My concern is vehicle horsepower and braking capacity under load with a power chair and user as well as driver and other occupants (A power chair with batteries often weigh 350 lbs, add the user and family and you soon are over 1000 lbs.). A basic full sized van with modifications can be purchased in the same price range and is designed to handle these loads regularly. Safety and durability are important considerations. Certainly a full sized van is a bit more difficult to maneuver and park, yet until one is certain this new vehicle is capable of transporting individuals in as safe a manner I suggest looking at these vehicles more carefully.

We went to see the MV-1 in Seattle so my son could go aboard in his power chair and check it out. Photos of him in the van are on my fb page. It is really only designed for 1 wheelchair, the driver, and 3 other passengers so wouldn't work for a large family with vacation luggage. There is a "jump seat" attached to the back of the driver's seat. The ramp deploys in 2 different lengths. We really liked it, and esp. the fact that it will be made in Indiana in an old Hummer factory. Jobs! Maybe we will get one in a few years when they are perfected. The CNG-compressed natural gas or propane-version has less cargo space.
Steve, We have a Dodge Grand caravan. It can hold two chairs, but we only transport one chair. We have actually had two chairs in there. One chair sits right behind the other, and ours has two captain chairs in the back.
We also have a Dodge Grand Caravan and I can transport 2 wheelchairs--one in the front passenger seat and one behind the driver's seat between it and the back "bench". This, however, makes the van so heavy that my bottom drags more than usual. (well, not MY bottom) I hate that it is so low that speed bumps are treacherous and I just spent $280 repairing the undercarriage as the bracket that holds the emergency brake cables was dragged off going down a steep driveway with a sharp angle. You always have to be checking the angles.
I will get my son with dmd to help me post those MV-1 photos on this site today....

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